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MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Trading Platform

Trade CFDs and Forex on MetaTrader 4 (MT4),
one of the world's leading platforms.

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Trading Platform

Trade CFDs and Forex on MetaTrader 4 (MT4),
one of the world's leading platforms.

Meta Trader 4

What is MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

MetaTrader 4 (MT4), developed by MetaQuotes in 2005, is a trading platform that is widely used by traders and brokers. It is an advanced trading platform that can be downloaded and installed on desktop or mobile.

The MT4 platform presents traders with a flexible trading system that comes with market analysis tools and customisable charts. Its prowess lies in its potential for algorithmic automation with Expert Advisors (EAs), allowing traders to design and implement their trading strategies with greater precision and efficiency.

Designed with a user-friendly interface, MT4 ensures that even those new to trading can swiftly grasp its comprehensive functionalities.

Gain an edge in the global markets by trading CFDs on the MT4 platform with Vantage today.


Start Trading with MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

Features of MetaTrader 4

MT4 SmartTrader Tools

Powerful Charting on MetaTrader 4

Harness the potential of customisable charting on MT4 whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trader. The advanced charting tool provides a variety of indicators, drawing tools, and timeframes to help you analyse the market and discover market opportunities.

Bring your trading strategy to the next level by utilising MT4’s robust charting features.

Meta Trader 4

Trading on MT4 – Why MetaTrader 4 is Popular

The user-friendly interface of MT4 is one of its key strengths. Its intuitive layout extends a warm welcome to both novice and seasoned traders, ensuring accessibility for all.

Discover a trading platform that combines convenience with powerful features. Access MT4 on desktop via the WebTrader platform, or download the mobile app for easy access on the go.

Meta Trader 4

Automate Trades with Expert Advisors (EAs)

Automate your trades with Expert Advisors (EAs) on MT4, which can be created, set up and customised based on your trading goals and strategies.

These EAs are automated trading software in the MT4 terminal that seamlessly automate analytical and trading tasks. By performing automated technical analysis on price data and executing trades based on received signals, these EAs help increase trading efficiency.

Meta Trader 4

Trading Signal in MT4

Trading signals within MT4 enable traders to receive real-time alerts which can then be used to replicate trades.

Explore both free and commercial MT4 trading signals from signals providers which are sorted based on their trading results. These signals deliver invaluable insights into potential trading opportunities, providing entry and exit points for various currency pairs. Stay informed and act swiftly with MT4's dynamic trading signals.

Meta Trader 4

The Vantage Smart Trader Tools Package upgrades the MT4 platform to match advanced institutional trading platforms, enhancing the MetaTrader 4 user experience with fast execution. To access these tools, open a Vantage account with at least $1,000 and opt-in via the client portal to start using the tools to turbocharge your trading on MT4.

  • Risk Management
  • Advanced Tools
  • Add Ons

Alarm Manager

Enhance your trading with dynamic alerts. Customise alarms, set rules, and let the alarm manager handle the rest. Configure multiple alerts, order triggers, and flexible notifications to suit your needs.

Trade terminal - Streamline Your MT4 Trading

Enables traders to execute quick and precise trades via the one-click manager, equipped with an array of built-in functions that further enhance your trading capabilities. For example, set up alerts, make quick modifications to your S/L, T/P or trailing stops, and more.

Correlation Matrix

Find out how the different symbols correlate using our intuitive matrix grid which quickly helps traders assess correlation strength and scores. Select correlation time period ranging from 1 hour to 1 week, and pick from various symbols in the market.This is particularly useful for MT4 platform users employing multi-asset trading strategies.

Mini Terminal - Supercharge Your MT4 Platform

Ideal for active traders seeking instant order entry and exit. With a mini terminal, you can juggle multiple positions, explore different order types, and place trades directly from the charts.

Correlation trader

Streamline your trading decisions by comparing market charts and trading directly on the MT4 platform. Analyse key figures directly from the charts, and execute trades seamlessly.

RTD Link

Easily compare, analyse, and apply real-time rules across multiple accounts using familiar spreadsheets. Incorporate real-time account, ticket, and price data into Excel through its built-in RTD function for MT4 users.

Session Map

Gain a comprehensive overview of the world’s key markets with visual time zones. Identify future events through colour-coded markers and explore price movements in completed and ongoing sessions.

Sentiment Trader

Effortlessly gauge overall trading sentiment and market direction for your preferred symbols in MT4. Look at current and historic sentiment, open positions, and easily manage orders, stop loss, and target price.

Market Manager

Take charge of your symbol watchlist and order seamlessly in a single window. Personalise your market watch panel and group symbols based on your trading preferences.

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Download

Start your trading journey hassle-free with these
simple steps to download MT4.

  • 1

    Download MT4 Software

    Open a live account or demo account to get the Vantage MetaTrader 4 (MT4) software.

  • 2

    Run Setup

    Open the vantageinternational4setup.exe file and select ”Run”.

  • 3

    Complete Installation

    Allow changes, agree to the Licence Agreement, and choose settings if needed.

  • 4

    Finish Installation

    Click “Next” to proceed through the Vantage MT4 Setup. The installer will download the latest MT4 version. Once done, click “Finish”.

How do I access the Vantage
SmartTrader tools?

  • 1

    Open and fund an account

    Open & fund your live account with at least $1,000. (Current clients just need to fund)

  • 2

    Claim your tools

    Opt-in to the Vantage Smart Trader Tools Promotion.

  • 3

    Add to your trading edge

    Take advantage of a wide range of tools to turbo charge your trading.

Claim Your Tools Here

"*" indicates required fields

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1

    Is MetaTrader 4 (MT4) free?

    Yes, MT4 is completely free to download and install.
    Register for a Live Account or Demo Account with Vantage today and begin trading various CFD instruments across asset classes including forex, indices, shares, commodities, ETFs and bonds, all seamlessly integrated into the MT4 interface platform.

  • 2

    How to trade on MetaTrader 4 (MT4)?

    Trading on the MT4 platform is straightforward once you have downloaded and installed MT4 on your desktop or mobile.
    Simply open a trade and utilise the 'order' function to place an instant order in the markets. Take advantage of various order types such as market orders, stop orders, or limit orders to enhance your trading efficiency and suit different trading preferences.

  • 3

    Is MetaTrader 4 (MT4) good for beginners?

    MetaTrader 4 is suitable for all types of traders, from beginners to experts. As a beginner, MetaTrader 4 allows you to gain access to a variety of tools to conduct your own fundamental and technical analysis.
    You can also tap on the support of various charting types, Expert Advisors (EA), trading signals and more. The MT4 trading platform can be accessed anywhere, anytime, and is available on both mobile apps and web browsers.

  • 4

    Can you trade CFD on Metatrader 4 (MT4)?

    Yes, you can trade Contract for Differences (CFDs) on MT4.
    Vantage offers CFD trading for forex, indices, shares, commodities, ETFs and bonds. You can trade these CFDs on both MT4 and MT5 trading platforms, or on the Vantage mobile app.

  • 5

    Can you trade commodities on Metatrader 4 (MT4)?

    Yes, CFD commodities can be traded on MT4. Vantage offers a range of CFD commodities including hard commodities like precious metals as well as soft commodities and energy as a trading product.

  • 6

    Can you trade stocks on Metatrader 4 (MT4)?

    Yes, stocks CFDs can be traded on MetaTrader 4. Vantage offers a range of US, European, and Australian stocks CFDs. This includes popular US stocks such as Tesla, Apple, Meta, Netflix and more.
    Find out how to trade stock CFDs.